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The Company

Crealisatio is a rather young company having been founded in 2017.

However, its founder, Jörg Funk, brings a wealth of experience to the table stemming from 30 years in R&D, consulting, management, board and startup companies. 

The company was born out of the desire to provide companies with a support option that maximizes their own resources and draws on our experience and seniority rather than on an army of arms and legs. 

Differently from large consulting organizations, we support our clients with hands-on senior dedication to lead programs and projects. We may complement our senior dedicated team with a small team of associated consultants (1-4 consultants).

ABOUT: About Us


Senior project leadership is not a synonym for grey hair and dominant voice.

  • It’s about bringing experience to the table in a way people feel compelled to be open for support.

  • It's about applying business judgement to pay attention to the important details and leave out unimportant laborious tasks.

  • It's about disposing of different methodologies to tailor approaches to the task at hand.

And ultimately it's about being humble to take people on a journey together because complex projects are by definition a group effort.

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Founder and CEO

Jörg brings a career of over 30 years in consulting, management, boards and start-ups to bear. See some of the key assets he contributes to his clients below:

ABOUT: Meet the Team

International Experience and Cultural Flexibility

He has lived and worked around the globe: 8 years in Brazil, 2 years in Argentina, 3 years in Saudi Arabia and longer working engagements in countries such as Russia, India, Korea, Tunisia, Jordan or Chile. He speaks fluently 6 languages and has basic knowledge in two more, and in particular has a long experience of working with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.

Industrial and Technical Know-how

After his PhD at ETH Zurich he has worked in most diverse industrial contexts, from Oil&Gas and mining to machinery, chemicals to industrial services and high-tech industries such as sensors, telecom equipment, semiconductors and software. He has worked for some of the largest companies on the planet but also for mid-sized industrial leaders and high-tech and biotech start-ups. His engineering background and R&D experience allow him to bridge the gap between management and R&D while understanding both sides.

Professional Experience

Jörg has 3 decades of deep management experience, in management, in government funtions and in consulting. He started as an R&D manager for semiconductor simulation software, was a partner at BCG in Zurich and São Paulo, founded the DACH operation of the management consultancy Eden McCallum, spent several years as EVP for Strategy, M&A and transformation at Sulzer, is a high-tech company founder and board member of several industrial companies. 
More recently he was the CEO of a confidential vision realization program in Saudi Arabia reporting to the highest level of government. 

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