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Project Management: Headliner

Make your Program and Project Come Faster to Results

Crealisatio support your project or program with senior management capacity to bring it faster to results and increase chances for success. We bring experience to the table in a way people feel compelled to be open for support.

We apply business judgement to pay attention to the important details and leave out unimportant laborious tasks. We dispose of different methodologies to tailor approaches to the task at hand. And ultimately we aim at being humble to take people on a journey together because complex projects are by definition a group effort.

Project Management: About


We structure, manage, facilitate and control your project or program either as project or interim managers. The type of project we support are:​

  • Strategy process

  • Integration (PMI)

  • Restructuring program

  • New business launch

  • Re-organization

  • Change program

Business Meeting


Our clients in project management are ranging from large corporations over mid-sized technology leaders to private equity players. What changes is the way we engage and the typical projects we do:

  • LARGE CORPORATIONS: Program and project management, typically as small team or senior support leveraging the client’s project resources

  • MID-SIZED COMPANIES: We offer our entire palette of services with different support options (single consultant, small team, interim)

  • PRIVATE EQUITY: For portfolio companies we offer the same full service palette as for mid-sized companies. Actually, we have worked extensively with PE-owned mid-sized companies


We have the experience, resources and the tool box to deal with all kind of project challenges.

However, rather than solving the project for you with an army of arms and legs (which typically also ties a significant part of your resources) we seek to work with your existing project team and structure.

That way we leverage your resources but also increase the chances of success as it will rather be seen as an internal project with external facilitation rather than an external consulting project.

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Project Management: Services

Take a Look at Our Work

Reference case: Restructuring program

Project Management: Projects

1. Client situation

A mid-sized client (revenues of € 300Mio+) in the packaging industry needed a restructuring of its global operation, characterized by loss making, poor customer delivery fulfillment and quality issues. 

In Negotiation

Do you have a Challenging Project in Need of Leadership?

Contact us for a consultation about how can we help you grow your business.

Project Management: Headliner
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