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The Specialists for High-Tech, Industry and Private Equity

Crealisatio AG provides a range of consulting, advisory and management services in industrial and high-tech contexts for corporations, mid-sized companies, start-ups and private equity players. We adapt to our clients' needs and can take the role of a facilitator, a project manager, an interim manager or a small project team, depending on the needs and the available internal resources of our clients.

Be it a strategy development process, a reorganization, a divestiture or a financing round - Crealisatio brings to the table all the necessary tools, processes, experience and knowledge from top management consulting and leading industry players. We tailor them to the specific context, organization and industry. On top of this we apply creative thinking and bring a human touch to project management to increase chances of success and bring complex projects faster over the finishing line

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What our customers say...

"I never was a believer of consultants, I thought they did not add a lot of value. You changed my mind, you are one of those who really make a difference"

CEO of an Industrial Service Company

Key Industries We Serve

Laser Cutting

Engineered Goods
and Machinery

Chemical Plant

Oil & Gas
and Chemicals

Dirt Construction Site

Mining and

Electronic Chip

Electronics and Semiconductors

Cardboard Boxes


Heat Pump Service

Industrial services

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"It’s a fact that at the end we basically always got where we wanted to be, even if not always on a perfectly straight path. That gives me comfort. Still, at the beginning of each new engagement or project I have this weird knot in my stomach – “how on earth will we accomplish that?”...

It’s exactly that feeling that makes us push boundaries, question prevailing wisdom and go the extra mile that ultimately results in great and not just good projects."

Jörg Funk, Founder and CEO

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