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M&A Support: Headliner

Are you Thinking about 

Buying or Selling a Small or Mid-Sized Company, or seek for a partner in certain regions?

Crealisatio provides specific support in the M&A process in particular for smaller assets where no large consulting teams can be hired.
We also act as counsellors and matchmakers in the Middle East (in particular Saudi Arabia) and South America


Divestiture support

Divestiture support includes creating strategic plans, equity story, IM writing, preparation of communication with potential buyers (material, training of management, Q&A prep)

Business Meeting

Due diligence support

Due diligence support involves the project management and support as experts in certain industries (industrial and high-tech)

M&A Support: Services

How we help in divestitures

While divestitures for Private Equity of an M&A department of a corporation is daily business, it typically is NOT for the company to be sold nor for its management. Divesting a company while ensuring it continues focusing on its ambitious financial and operational targets is a true challenge and it gets a bigger challenge the longer a divestiture process lasts. And it’s even a bigger challenge for smaller assets where people in corporate support functions are scarce and where management carries a disproportionate share of the extra burden stemming from the divestiture activities.

An additional consideration when selling mid-sized and smaller assets is the fact that a supporting teams of consultants binds significant resources internally.

Crealisatio supports divestiture processes typically as a complementary support to a financial and M&A advisors. What we bring to a divestiture is a deep understanding of industrial logic and technology and the ability to package and communicate this in a concise and convincing way. Our experience, know-how and seniority helps making a divestiture an effective and efficient process maximizing the value of the transaction for the seller and minimizing the extra-burden for the management of the asset to ensure it can focus on delivering its business goals.

Crealisatio provides the following support and benefits during a divestiture:  

  • We “package” your asset optimally in terms of developing strategy and financial plans, equity story, IM and management presentations.

  • We prepare and train the management team of the asset to be sold for a smooth and successful sales process

  • We communicate effectively with all stakeholders in the process as we have a deep understanding of both the financial and the industrial logic

  • We free up management and other resources of the entity to be sold allowing them to focus on their existing business

How we help in acquisitions

In acquisitions we provide two different support options

  • We manage your commercial due diligence effort – either as a small team or as senior project managers leveraging your project team.

  • We act as industry experts for specific questions

How we help as counselors and matchmakers

We support companies in making the right connections with potential partners, government entities and investors or in supporting e.g. JV negotiations. 
We have particular experience and connections in doing this in Saudi Arabia and Brazil. 

Whom we work with

We work for sellers of mid-sized and smaller assets. This can either be

  • Mid-sized or larger companies that are selling a non-core part of their portfolio

  • Private equity companies selling one of their portfolio companies

  • Private owners of such assets

M&A Support: Services

Take a Look at Our Work

Reference Case: Divestiture of Non-Core Asset

M&A Support: Projects

1. Client Situation

A large conglomerate intended to sell a portfolio company considered non-core to the business. The industrial engineered goods company had revenues of around € 60 Mio with multiple manufacturing and service sites around the globe. 

Crealisatio as the project lead structured, planned and lead the turn-around program. The program was rather broad and involved closing of two sites with reallocation of production to other sites, SG&A reductions, pricing optimization and the program controlling.

In Negotiation

Do you Want to Sell a Mid-Sized Asset?

Contact us for a consultation about how can we help you maximizing the benefits from the divestiture.

M&A Support: Headliner
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