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Start-up Support: Headliner

We support your journey of bringing a start-up company to the next level

Founding and building a start-up company is one of the most fascinating and exciting journeys one can experience in professional life. Bringing a totally new product or service to life and into the market is as exciting as it is difficult and besides technical skills and creativity needs the full attention, stamina and passion of the entire team.

Bringing a start-up company up to being an a still small but established industry player is another ball-game though. And it involves different skills than the development of the new product and service. Themes such as financing, go-to-market or marketing become increasingly important and decisive for the survival and thriving of the company. But typically such skills are less prevalent if not totally absent in typical start-up firms and time is often lacking due to pressing priorities in the product or service development cycle.

Our aim is to help start-ups to free up their key resources from such tasks and support them in themes where little know-how is available in the company. We support start-up companies in the high-tech and biotech arena with the following services

  • Preparing financing rounds

  • Financial planning

  • Strategy and go-to-market

  • General mentoring for management

Reach out to us to explore how we can help your start-up company to reach the next stage. We also offer alternative compensation models such as e.g. service for equity.

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Reference Case: Second Financing Round

Start-up Support: Projects

1. Client Situation

A small biotech company with rather revolutionary drug candidates needed to finance the next 2 years for toxicology tests and gathering of data for IND studies.

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Start-Up Business

Reach out to us to explore how we can help your start-up company to reach the next stage.

Start-up Support: Headliner
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